POM manufactures and distributes the PowerGUARD® Power Conditioning System. Our system combines Return on Investment, power quality improvements and protection that are superior to other technologies that are available. ThePowerGUARD® can help reduce energy costs while protecting your facility against the damaging effects of poor power quality.

The POM PowerGUARD® improves power quality by combining the effects of several products into one with its unique magnetic choke technology. Each of the power quality improvements adds to the energy savings, while avoiding the negative effects of comparable products.

POM Energy Concepts or an authorized Distributor will perform a no cost analysis and provide a proposal outlining the system (number of units) needed to achieve maximum energy savings and protection at your facility. All proposals are submitted with a projected Return on Investment (ROI). The results of the monitoring will be compiled in a verification report as a means of validating the energy savings achieved. Contact Us today.

The PowerGUARD® system is a unique approach to energy savings and power improvement. It is an inductive reactor that works to lower the total inductive profile of a facility. It consists of magnetic chokes which act as a 60 HZ Band Pass filter that continuously and automatically increase savings in several key ways:

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