About us

POM Energy Concepts was started in Vermont in 1996 by Peter Chiaravalle to market the technology that became PowerGUARD®. Pete used his experience working with power generation in the US Navy to successfully introduce the technology to numerous customers in his home state of Vermont. Due to the valuable lightning protection and power quality features of the PowerGUARD®, POM found a growing demand for the PowerGUARD® in the Southeast. Over time, POM grew to serve both national and international markets. In 2013 POM moved to Florida to better serve these markets. Since moving to Florida, POM has partnered with the Broward County Business Development Office, Enterprise Florida and the US Commerce Department to proudly represent the County, State and the United States both nationally and abroad.

In 2014 POM contracted Nikao, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer located in Broward County to produce the PowerGUARD®. POM has promoted the PowerGUARD® technology for over 20 years. Besides providing the best lightning and surge protection on the market today, the PowerGUARD® provides power factor correction, reduced harmonics and improved power quality. During that time we have successfully protected and reduced energy costs for facilities as varied as wastewater treatment plants to hospitals, and from food manufacturing to paper mills. We service numerous and varied industries through a network of Distributors that are well respected in their fields. We look forward to providing your Peace Of Mind for electrical power protection and saving