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February 1, 2019
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AEE and Professional Development

Alexa Stone and David Dunn presented a seminar at the AEE Sunshine Chapters

Alexa Stone of ecoPreserve and David Dunn from Fleet and Facility Management – City of Orlando presented a seminar on Sustainable Projects and The Future of Smart Cities at the AEE Sunshine Chapters February 2019 meeting.

Every professional knows the necessity of professional development in their field of discipline. From new technological developments to the sharing of best practices there are numerous areas to be aware of to stay on top of your professional game. There are also numerous ways to accomplish this; industry newsletters, tradeshows, seminars, industry associations, etc.

I have long been a member of such an association, The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). One of the reasons I chose AEE is the certifications offered by the association. The certifications adhere to a rigorous standard and are internationally recognized. In fact, many government projects (both domestically and internationally) require a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) to be part of an energy project in order for a contract to be awarded. AEE helps its members to maintain their certifications by offering industry newsletters and magazines, energy tradeshows, online webinars and other networking opportunities where members can share best practices.

Though AEE has over 18,000 members worldwide and multiple chapters, there has not been one that was located close to where I’ve lived so I’ve been unable to attend local chapter meetings. That changed recently when my wife and I moved to our current location near Daytona Beach, Florida. Not only was the Orlando chapter (called the Sunshine Chapter) only an hour away, the Chapter president happened to live only a few miles from us!

Since I joined the Sunshine Chapter I’ve worked with a group of consummate professionals to help raise the ability of the Chapter to better meet the needs of its members. The Chapter, like the parent organization AEE, has long worked to provide its members with a track for professional development. In the past it has published a newsletter, held monthly seminars on a variety of topics, hosted tours of different facilities to showcase energy projects and provided ample opportunity for networking among the members.

When I was a Warrant Officer in the Vermont Army National Guard I was expected to be self-motivated and develop professionally—soldiers’ lives and mission accomplishment could very well depend on our maintenance team’s ability to ensure the reliable operation of equipment.

As Energy Professionals, we touch people’s lives in different ways. From the basic providing of energy (whether for transportation, power or other uses), to the conservation of both resources and the environment we impact where and how people live.

If you are an energy professional in Florida, we invite you to check out our Sunshine Chapter and develop professionally with us. And you might even learn about some great innovative products like ours — the PowerGUARD® — protection that pays!

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