This video shows how the PowerGUARD® system works. As Voltage builds on Phase A, it flows through the 60 HZ Bandpass filter. The current passes through a capacitor and inductor in series which resist changes to voltage and current, working in conjunction with the magnetic chokes to absorb spikes and surges. Energy captured from transients as well as from harmonics is passed through transformers from Phase A to both Phase B and C in proportion to the Voltage differences between each Phase. The current generated flows toward the source, reducing power required from the utility.

This is significantly different than capacitors that capture reactive power and feed it back to a motor. Since the chokes are magnetic, they respond instantly with load changes and cannot create a resonant frequency as is the case with capacitors. As the Voltage on Phase B builds power flows to both A and C. Lastly, as the Voltage increases on Phase C, power is passed to both Phase A and B.