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December 29, 2018
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Power Quality and LEDs

Full Disclosure: I have often used lighting as a foil in comparing the PowerGUARD® for ROI. Lighting has undergone several transformations; from magnetic to electronic ballasts, T12 bulbs through T8s and now to T5s. Oh, and some reflector upgrades in the meantime. The ROI on each of these upgrades usually exceeded 5 years, and the previous upgrade wouldn’t even be paid for before the lighting reps were trying to sell the newest update. And of course, you have to go through fixture-by-fixture to make the upgrades, causing a seemingly endless headache. I would counsel Facility Managers to wait until the 2nd generation of LEDs became available. That way they could make a quantum leap in savings—a reduction in lighting energy consumption by 70–80%, instead of incremental improvements of 15–20%. And the new bulbs oftentimes have warranties of 10 years. Imagine that, 10 years of maintenance staff NOT having to obtain the bulbs, coordinate schedules with the affected areas or drag a ladder countless miles to change the bulbs! But LEDs aren’t without their own concerns.

A recent article series of articles in EC&M Magazine (Ranking Electrical Disturbances, Philip Keebler April 2018) discusses what electrical disturbances are the most likely, and how, to affect LEDs. Among the most frequent disturbances are voltage sags, along with transients. How these disturbances affect the LEDs and drivers varies by design, but there is a tradeoff in longevity for the LED or the driver depending on which design is chosen. But rather than spend time trying to quantify electrical disturbances then worrying about which design to choose, why not mitigate or eliminate the disturbances?

One of our most successful Distributors markets LEDs for a well known national LED manufacturer. The LEDs come with a 10-year warranty so power quality is a major concern. The distributor incorporates the PowerGUARD® with each installation they do to reduce voltage sags and transients and improve overall power quality. There is the added advantage of additional energy savings as well. A typical MOV based TVSS does not help to raise or balance voltage—the PowerGUARD® does. The PowerGUARD® also acts faster to eliminate transients and has another added benefit of reducing voltage flicker—another killer of LED life expectancy.

So enjoy the beautiful quality of light, energy, and maintenance savings from your LEDs with Peace Of Mind with PowerGUARD®—Protection that Pays!

The PowerGUARD® improves grid resiliency—both within and without the facility. Call us to find out how you can save energy while protecting your facility without the need for a complicated study. PowerGUARD® is protection that pays.

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