The graphs below illustrate the benefits of the PowerGUARD® system.

POM has extensive experience with numerous industries and types of facilities including wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, food manufacturers, paper mills, and government and commercial buildings.

POM will perform a no cost analysis and provide a proposal outlining the system (number of units) needed to achieve maximum energy savings at your facility. All proposals are submitted with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI). Included in the pricing is post-installation monitoring using the the International Protocol for Measurement and Verification (IPMV) endorsed by the US Department of Energy. The results of the monitoring will be compiled in a verification report as a means of validating the energy savings achieved.

A significant advantage PowerGuard has over other solutions to energy savings and power quality improvements is its size. Adopting the PowerGuard technology is not an all or nothing proposition. You can install as many or few units as your budget allows at any given time until the maximum number of units are installed. The good news is that you will achieve energy savings with every unit installed.