America runs on a 2 Party political system. An Independent Party has long been considered

a “THIRD RAIL” in politics; the benefits of a third party are often contested, but that is a

different discussion.

Similarly, Sustainability is considered a 2 Rail System- Reduce and Reuse. However there is

a “THIRD RAIL” in the Sustainability effort that is largely ignored- Electrical Repair Costs

and Downtime. Electrical damage is often considered as an “Act of God” and considered

part of day-to- day operations. Downtime from power outages is also usually included in

that category. Unfortunately, many companies don’t really track electrical repair costs or

downtime. Those costs are written off as “the cost of doing business”, or “maintenance”.

However these costs should be included in the analysis of sustainability benefits. By

increasing equipment life or reducing downtime, resources are better utilized and the need

for additional resources is reduced.

The PowerGUARD ® will provide unique and long-term protection against lightning and

other electrical disturbances, and will reduce “THIRD RAIL” Costs. Most protective devices

provide limited protection against lightning and voltage transients, and are ineffective

against amperage surges, harmonics and other electrical disturbances. PowerGUARD ® has

magnetic chokes that react instantaneously to changes in both voltage and amperage. A

magnetic field is resistant to change. Therefore ANY change in voltage is affected by the

PowerGUARD ® . So whether there a large voltage transient such as from lightning, or

harmonic noise from non-linear loads (vfds, PLCs, etc.) the PowerGUARD ® will absorb the

transient and work to correct the voltage signal. The PowerGUARD ® also helps to raise and

balance voltage as well, something a normal TVSS is not designed to do. Nor will a typical

TVSS act to reduce inrush current when a motor turns on, or when power comes back on

after a loss of power. The effects of transients- voltage spikes and amperage surges are

cumulative and degrade equipment over time. By reducing the magnitude of the transients,

equipment life and reliability are improved. Besides the cost of the equipment or

downtime, maintenance costs are reduced and man- hours won’t be consumed by repairing

or replacing damaged equipment.

The best recycling program is to eliminate any requirement for recycling. The

PowerGUARD™ with an estimated life of 20 years (and no required maintenance) will

extend the life of many electrical devices, thereby reducing recyclables. Call us today to

see how the PowerGUARD™ can be the “THIRD RAIL” of your Sustainability program.


POM will be a major sponsor at the Florida International Trade and Cultural Exhibition at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL on October 19th and 20th. FITCE is a premier annual event for international business and cultural exchange. Business delegations, trade representatives and government officials from over 30 countries will be in attendance. POM will be a presenter at the Expanding Your Sales to Latin America and Caribbean seminar on the 19th. We invite you to visit us at our booth at the show.

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POM President Pete Chiaravalle will be presenting a seminar at the Florida Rural Water Association(FRWA) Annual Conference in Daytona Beach August 10th. The seminar is entitled Energy Efficiency/Audits/Optimization. This is the third presentation for the FRWA by POM Energy Concepts. Other presentation topics included lightning protection, power quality, and energy management.

2013 Green Energy & Climate Conference

Posted on Jul 7, 2013 in What’s New

POM was pleased to be an exhibitor for the 2013 Green Energy & Climate Conference held at the Palm Beach Convention Center. The show brought together Eco Businesses with Florida Municipalities, Counties And Regional Agencies to discuss and showcase sustainable ways of fulfilling Florida’s energy needs through the use of Green Technology. Below is the POM Energy concepts information booth at the 2013 Green Energy & Climate Conference in Orlando, Florida. From left to right in the photograph, Nate Boyd- City of Orlando, with Pete Chiaravalle- President POM Energy Concepts, and Kurt Allerman – President at Lighting Services, Inc.

Nate Boyd- City of Orlando, with Pete Chiaravalle- President POM Energy Concepts, and Kurt Allerman – President at Lighting Services, Inc.